WSP:AVR: Line Follower Robot


Line Follower Robot

Duration: 12Hrs

Course content:

· Introduction to Embedded System

· Introduction to Eclipse, WINAVR, AVR-GCC, AVRDUDE      line follower

· Introduction to other tools

· Introduction to AVR architecture


· Introduction to registers / variables

· Introduction to I/O operation

· Detail description to basic I/O registers and its functioning

· Interfacing LEDs

· Interfacing DC equipment (DC motors, Relay, Buzzer, etc.)

· Introduction to 16x2 Character display

· Interfacing 16x2 Character display

· Interfacing other digital devices (Keyboard, mouse, etc.)

· Introduction to some special C functions used for logical operations

· Introduction of Embedded System

· Introduction to Robotics

· Hardware details for Manual robotics (motors, wheels, power supply, etc)

· Introduction to binary input functions.

· Introduction to Analog-to-digital converter.

· Introduction to Multiplexer.

· Functioning of in-built ADC & Multiplexer in AVR-MCU.

· Interfacing any analog device (sensor, signal).

· Design and functioning of Simple IR Sensor.

· Introduction to other analog sensor (temperature sensor, pressure sensor).

· Design and working of Line follower robot

Note: There may be some changes in the above syllabus, according to student’s requirement.