WSP: Circuit and PCB Designing

Circuit and PCB Designing

Printed circuit boards ( PCB ) are one of the most important parts of electrical and electronic devices. The increasing miniaturisation of integrated circuits, higher packing density and smaller layout-dimensions make high demands on PCB - manufacture.

This program encourages participants to learn by designing circuitry and PCB layout starting from scratch to a complete process of having fabricated PCB.

By the end of the course, each participant will build their own PCB Layout and gerber files which can be used for fabrication and implementation .

Who Can Attend:

All the participants having basic knowledge of basic electronic components(resistance, capacitors, ICs, diodes, etc) are eligible for this course. Any prior knowledge of PCB designing is not required to join this course.



  • Registration opening: as per institute schedule
  • Duration: 12 Hrs
  • Course  Fee: Rs 1,200/- per head
  • Venue : Institute campus
Program Commencement Date:
As per Institute schedule
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How To Apply:

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Course Content:

Zeroth Session




  • Installation and configuration of design software

First Session

  • Creating schematic file
  • Introduction to basic schematic tools: Grid, Move , Copy, rotate, group, wire , etc
  • Introduction and application of add tool
  • Selection of Components
  • Design of basic circuitry
  • Generating  PCB file

Second Session




  • Introduction to basic components: connectors, resistance, capacitor, IC-base, LED, etc
  • Introduction to basic PCB tools: Grid, Move , Copy, rotate, group, etc.

Third Session




  • Problem solving session for home work
  • Searching for Components
  • Installing new Library

Forth Session



  • Generating Gerber File
  • Gerber File Viewer
  • PCB manufacturing and Soldering Processes
  • Introduction of advance level of PCB designing
  • Future scope of learning .