Registration and Discounts


Terms for Registration, Cancellation and Refund

  1. There are two option for payment at the time of online registration. You can either pay full fee or you can pay only Rs.1,000/- at the time of online registration and pay rest of amount at the time of joining the Course at your venue.
  2. In case of cancellation of registration , Rs.1,500/- will be deducted from your paid fee at the time of refund.
  3. In case of cancellation a/c payee cheque will be issued in the name of candidate only.
  4. In case of transfer of registration Rs.1,000/- will be charged again.
  5. Once you are registered, you can avail refund on fee under BRiCS referral scheme. For details call +91-8002051700.


  1. First Discount : First registration before 31st March 2016 from every institute  will get a discount of 50%.
  2. Junior Discount: First year graduation student and juniors will get a discount of 40%.
  3. Winner Discount: First prize winner in any national level robotics/electronics/software competitions will get a discountof 30%.
  4. IIT/NIT: Students from any of IITs/NITs can avail an extradiscount of 10% in separate.
  5. Group discount : A discount of 10% for a group of minimum 10 students . In case any of student in group is referred(at the time of creating profile at BRiCS website) by any of old/new BRiCS student , he/she will not get this discount.
  6. All BRiCS students(old and new) attended "BRiCS Summer/Winter Training" can get refund on his/her paid fee under "BRiCS referral Scheme". A student need to submit photocopy of his/her "BRiCS training certificate" with list of his/her referrals. To know more dial +91-8002051700