BRiCS, is an autonomous organisation, originated at IIT Kanpur as a student activity. BRiCS stands for Build Robot and Create Science. The missing "i" represents the spirit of innovation, imagination, interactivity and incubation that are so conspicuously missing in the educational process in India today. Our aim with BRiCS is to make educational robotics and electronics fun, affordable, and accessible to a diverse community of college students. BRiCS intends on delivering dynamic and interactive learning modules to student community.



To catalyse creativity, foster technological empowerment, and inspire learning by transforming robotics and embedded system into an accessible and collaborative tool for exploration.



To design, create, and disseminate robotics, electronics curricula and technologies that motivate young men and women to actively explore science and technology. This will enable them to try out various new and innovative things on their own.

We believe that early adoption of robotic and electronic systems in learning leads to a conceptual understanding and lifelong appreciation of science, technology, and engineering.



BRiCS Delivers:

facilities in terms of knowhow, instrumentation to students in carrying out practical engineering related activities.

workshops to transfer knowledge to students who are beginners to hasten the learning process.

Every year BRiCS help students develop models for All India Technical Events such as TECHKRITI(IIT-K), YANTRIKI(IIT-B),TRYST(IITD),SHASTRA(IITM) and many more.

‘fun’ based elements in education, besides introducing certain high technology concepts such as sensors, motors and programming .